SCIENCE & TECH Registration open for the robotics competitions

Science & Tech robotics competitions  will be organised during the festival of science, sport and fun – Tesla IN Lika 2019 . We are inviting organisations , schools or robotics clubs to join these competitions  if they are interested.  The competitions will take place on June 9th, 2019  at 10,00h.


Stone  throw

The robots will throw a stone sized  approx 3 cm from a starting line. The robot can throw three times.  The best throw will be taken into account.

The robot cannot be larger than 30 x 30x 30 cm .  Measurements will be taken before  throwing.  Changes may be made between the throws. The robot must have an arm, its length cannot be longer than 20 cm.  The arm must be operated by an electric motor that can return to the starting point after the throw.


Sumo robot fight

Two autonomous robots try to push the other one out of the circular ring.  The robot that touches the surface outside the ring loses.  The robot that is inside wins that round.  The winner is announced after two won games.

The ring is a circle with a diameter between 70 cm and 120 cm. The surface of the ring is smooth white wood. The edge of the ring is black.  The start positions are marked with a white friction tape.

The robot must not weigh more than 3kg. At the beginning of the round the maximal dimensions of the robot are 20 x20 cm, there is no height limit. After the beginning  of the round  the robot may enlarge itself.

During the game  the robot must not be destructice towards other robots or humans. The robot that does not play according to these rules will be disqualified.

At the beginning of the round  the robots are pointed  in the opposite direction , 30 cm away , each 15 cm from the middle of the ring. When the referee announces the start of the battle, the robots have to stay in place for 3 seconds and then start moving. The first movement  must be in the opposite direction of the ring  centre .

One round lasts 3 minutes , or until one robot loses.

Robo  Rally

The robots compete on a black surface with white edges. The length of the route is  approx 10 cm. The robot that comes to the finish line is the winner. Use sensors for colours to detect the edges. The robot has to be autonomous ( there is no remote controlling) .The robot that exits the route cannot compete anymore.The robots are not allowed to push other robots from the route , if they do, they will be disqualified ( the referee removes the robot from the game immediately) . The referee  places the “pushed out”  robot back to the  same place on the route  that  it was pushed out from . Some of the referees record the race in case of any ” complaints”.

– Deadline for registration : 14th of April, 2019

– A detailed plan of this day will be published on our site.

– Participants are requested to complete this form  with the details and rules of the competition .https : // forms .gle/ DsgR6ieK8XZJVUgjg

– All participants , mentors and team members must have a photo consent form . The forms may be downloaded from : http: // TeslaInLika

– Lunch will be provided to every participant.