THE FIRST TESLA TRAIL 2019 – Baške Oštarije

Date: 09. lipnja 2019. Nedjelja
Location: Baške Oštarije
Start: 9.30 Uhr (Start der Lauftour vor dem Hostel Baške Oštarije)
Organizer : Sak Fit und Hana Tours

Registration on the link :

Tesla  trail is a sport event and a part of the festival ” Tesla in Lika ” , organized by Hana Tours. The aim of the festival is to promote the region Lika as a destination of sports and innovators in Croatia, as well as in Europe and its region.

As  jogging is becoming more  popular as a recreational activity, we have decided to organise a race in  which competitors of all ages are welcome , from the youngest members to professional sportspeople. We have prepared two routes for you , a 9km route called ” Merala trail ”  and a 17 km route called  ” Božur trail ” . The routes  were given names according to some less familiar plants that are present in the Nature Park Velebit, which can be seen along the routes.

Transport is organised from Zagreb to the start of the race , as well as  the return to Zagreb , for the first  30 competitors that confirm their participation at the race and register their need for transport from  Zagreb ,  on this e-mail address :  sakfitzazivot

MERALA TRAIL 9 km ( + 600 / -600 M)

The route has obtained its name from the plant called Merala ( lat. Amelanchier) , the name refers to low decidous bushes from the rose family ( Rosaceae) . Merala is widespread along hilly areas of the Northern Hemisphere with a mild climate.  The type widespread in Croatia is  Ameanchier ovalis.


Awards :

Trophies + sponsor  award for the first three male or female competitors . The medals for the winners are categorised according to age . The categories are :

Women and men

Year of birth :

  •  Juniors  ( 2000 and younger)
  • 1999 – 1985
  • 1984 – 1975
  • 1974 – 1965
  •  1964 – 1955
  • 1954 and older


The competitors who achieve the first three places will not be awarded according to the above categories.

Children between the age of 12 and 16 may participate if  accompanied by parents.

The  race time limit is 180 min ( 3:00 hours)  .

BOŽUR  TRAIL 17 km  (  1100 / – 1100 M)


The route was given its name after the plant  peony  ( lat. Paeonia) , from the family magnoliopsida  which represents an independent type belonging to the saxifragales order.   The flower peony is a species of herbaceous perennial flowering plant with approx 40 types .


Trophies +  money awards for the first three male or female competitors.

  • 1st place  M/ F  1000,00 kn
  • 2nd place  M/ F 750,00 kn
  • 3rd place  M/ F  500,00 kn

The winner medals are classified in age groups for  female and male competitors.

  • 1985 and younger
  • 1984 -1969
  • 1968 and older

The competitors who achieve the first three places will not be awarded according to the categories.

The race time limit  is 270 min ( 4:40 h)


The  entry   fee for all races is  80,00kn  ( for registration and payments completed until  03.06.2019 ).

The entry  fee is to be paid to the organiser’s  account  ( details of the payment will be given automatically  at  registration  before the race).

The  start packet includes :

  • the  start  number
  • refreshments during and after the race
  • rescue emergency service and fire department service
  • an athletic shirt with the race logo
  • a finisher medal
  • a meal after the race


Upon registration the participant of the race agrees that the organiser can use photos taken during, shortly  before  or after  the race for his own requirements and for the promotion of the event. The participant agrees that the organiser is allowed to use his/ her personal information  for internal communication or promotion purposes .

The start number is VISIBLE during the whole race and placed on the front upper body.  Otherwise, the final race position will not be registered.  Disrespecting the race rules will include disqualification from the race.

When registering , all the participants agree to  compete  AT THEIR OWN RISK.  The competitor also denies the possibility  to transfer any responsibility on the organiser in case of any accident, and confirms his / her health  condition.  The organiser has  secured medical assistance according to the organisation regulations of running races